Market Madness

•April 4, 2010 • 1 Comment

The market was pure madness today~elbow room only!! Honestly, as much as I value my space~seeing Eastern Market bustling after this long winter was exhilarating!! Wagons, strollers, flowers and more flowers, produce, multi-cultural crowd~and I felt alive and refreshed! Continuing in my self-inflicted challenge to see beyond my comfort zone…here are a few of my favorite captures of the morning (and yes, I caved on a few flower close ups)…ENJOY!

“FUN TO FOLLOW* (Twitter Lingo)







Zingerman’s is an Ann Arbor phenomenon…and it’s so nice to have them come to Detroit!














 This one was a total camera shake too long exposure that I almost deleted on the spot…but I’m kinda glad I didn’t…





 These little chicks were the cutest things ever and their presence was known throughout the market from chirping to ummmm, yes, smell



Shrubs, shrubs and more shrubs







 “Oh #%*+%#@* …how am I gonna fit this in my car”



And that, my friends, wraps up this weeks excursion to Eastern Market. Au revoir, til next week 🙂


Seeing Beyond My Eyes

•April 3, 2010 • 1 Comment

As artists, we all have our comfort zones. At least I do. And maybe that’s what makes my art, photography, jewelry design, drawings distinguishable as “oh, that’s Cathy Ross”. But sometimes, I think, to grow as an artist and creator of beauty, one must reach beyond ones comfort zone. Go out on a limb. Try something new, see something in a totally different way, take a risk and put it out there. This post, for me, is going out on a limb. I’ve gotten in a comfort zone with flowers, macro, fine detail. Now, I’m trying something new. Seeing nature in a new way. Allowing my muse to have some fun~and really, isn’t that what life is all about? Having fun?








I mean, fermented cement grapes??? Why not???


Counting The Days

•March 31, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Wishing away time is not my thing, however, I am quietly anticipating the formal arrival of spring. I keep looking for buds and blooms, but they are still sparse. After a long day of work, I decided to invite myself over to my friend Dona’s house to snoop around her garden. I didn’t find a garden full of roses or pansies, however, I did find some interesting treasures.


Like this rose bush. Thorns surviving a long cold winter with a hint of fresh leaves bursting forth…



And delightful garden angels ~ spreading JOY







I think even doors and chairs are interesting when you choose the right angle




I loved this over sized cement planter…



Even in last seasons best, dried on the vine, I see beauty…





But alas, I have saved THE BEST FOR LAST!! GO GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Grosse Pointey

•March 23, 2010 • 2 Comments

It was one of those days where I couldn’t wait to get home. Not that I don’t love my job…I really do…but some days I have to “bless and release” office dysfunction, and today was one. It didn’t take long to get me happy to be alive again – 60 degrees, sun shining ever so bright, sunroof open…and a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T from Motown’s Aretha Franklin busting my speakers…and I was good to go. Got home, tweeted a few tweets, put on my jeans…and headed out with my camera. Here are a few shots of my “hood” in the “Woods”…Grosse Pointe Woods that is 🙂








OK…I admit it…I am obsessed with Pussy Willow trees. This house down the street from me, on Oxford, is where I took most of these pictures…their yard is soooo pretty 🙂







Lookin’ Up

•March 17, 2010 • 3 Comments

It occurred to me that most of the time, I’m looking down when I walk. Not that I give this alot of thought. It’s just what I do. Over the years, it’s paid off. I’ve discovered all kinds of treasures from money, to jewelry, to lost items. Fast forward. Today was an absolutely exquisite, gorgeous spring day so I decided to head out at lunch time to get some sun and fresh air and of course, capture some new spring delight with my camera.  As I was driving, in no particular direction, I started to contemplate what I would photograph. I mean, scenic vistas are not the backdrop in Southfield Michigan. So, I headed east over to Royal Oak where eclectic things, people and architecture are abundant. And I started thinking along the way…ya know, things are “lookin’ up”. It’s finally spring. The sun is out. It’s 60 degrees. Man, this is great. And then the “lookin up” part struck a chord with me. And voila…it’s kind of cool to change perspective, and “look up” when I’m so accustomed to looking down. Here’s what I saw…




I happened upon a vintage shop. I can’t help but go inside and ask persmission to click away! 🙂






 Ahhh, yes. The sign says “Sole Sister”…and yes, that is my favorite song by Train. It’s even my ring tone. Which, if you call me and wonder why it’s taking so long for me to answer…it’s because I’m rockin’ to my ringtone 🙂





And last but not least….Gayle’s CHOCOLATE!!! I could live on chocolate alone 🙂

The Lake

•March 16, 2010 • 5 Comments

One of my favorite places in Grosse Pointe is Lake St. Clair. I have walked miles and miles, day after day, along these waters. Every moment is beautiful from sunrise to sunset to moon light, rain or shine, snow flakes to gusty winds. There is a peace, a tranquility, a force, that envelopes the soul as it breathes in the fresh air and lingers in the energy emitted from the lake. For those of you who are not familiar with Grosse Pointe (unless, perhaps, you watched the movie ‘Grosse Pointe Blanc”) Jefferson Avenue runs from Detroit through Grosse Pointe, along the lake where it becomes “Lakeshore Drive”, and then turns back into Jefferson Avenue once past this gorgeous stretch. The Yacht Club, so stately, is pictured here. The other shot I took at an angle just for some interest. Not alot of photos in this post…but enough to give you a taste of the beautiful town I live in.




Don’t Stop…Believin’

•March 6, 2010 • 6 Comments

Well, I wasn’t born and raised in South Detroit, but I am a small town girl, and I have I taken the midnight train to anywhere…and I know some will win and some will lose and it goes on and on and on…and I’ll NEVER STOP BELIEVIN’!!!! It’s a JOURNEY!! All said and done, I love Detroit. It’s a total GEM inspite of the rap it’s gotten and the blanket of despair that has fallen over us the last few years…but never doubt the power of Detroit and all of us folks livin’ here in SE Michigan…Michigan is coming back. And it’s coming back strong. Today Brooke and I mosied on down to Eastern Market, bought ourselves some roses and produce, and I said to her..”Brooke…we’re goin’ over to the Heidelberg Project” and over we went. This has to be the coolest 3 blocks in Detroit City. Crazy “out there” fun art…well, trash turned art…and I must say…it’s beyond cool. I  had fun taking pictures. You tell me if Brooke had fun when you see her picture 🙂 Anyway…browse Heidelberg & Charlevoix with me and see for yourself how really cool Detroit is!!!




















Mommmmmm…I want to go home!! I’m hungry!!